Welcome to Seaforth!

Hey friends! To get this blog started, we wanted to introduce ourselves and give a little insight into our vision and mission.

As a team - as husband and wife - we feel a lot of joy in working together and creating art. Whether it is through photography, painting, cooking, making music, etc, we truly love being creative. Seaforth Photography was born out of this creativity as an outlet and a means of spreading that joy to family and friends. 


We were not quite expecting the growth in skill that Ben is currently experiencing, ha! He has grown immeasurably since we launched this website - so much so that we had to change out all of our portfolio photos more than once! His love of capturing the perfect moment is just tangible.

Because of this passion for capturing the moment, we decided it was time to move forward and publicize our services to our local community. We are so so so excited to show you the wonderful clients we have had the pleasure of photographing thus far! From weddings to bridal showers to costumed photo shoots, we have loved every second of it. We plan to reveal these moments over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

For now, we want to share with you our written mission and vision for Seaforth Photography:

Our mission is to capture unique moments in time and share the fascinating story of life through photography.

Our vision is to connect with all of you and rejoice in the community of like-minded individuals gifted to us through face to face and online friendships.

We hope you will stick around for the ride we are on, through stories that span through time and culture!

-Ben and Elie